Our Vision

  • Mission Statement: To promote individual, family and community well-being (wholeness) and safety by providing supportive services designed to enhance the self-esteem and moral character of children and adults; support parents with meeting the needs of their children while addressing their own personal needs; and provide activities to enhance personal and community safety. 

  • Vision Statement: We envision a community and families that support children and adults with developing their optimal emotional, intellectual and social well-being. We envision a community support system comprised of families, organizations, businesses and neighborhoods that encourage self-help, respect for self and others, and mutual support that stands ready to intervene if children and adults are unable or lack the resources necessary to help themselves. 

  • Core Values and Beliefs:  

  1. Every human being is valuable and has the right to have their basic needs met inclusive of being loved and respected.
  2. Good self-esteem is necessary for self-love and foundational for the understanding and capacity to care about the well-being of others. 
  3. Every human being is entitled to the opportunity to reach their optimal level of human development through the provision of adequate nutrition, shelter, nurturing, education, recreation, socialization and safety. 
  4. All efforts should be made to mobilize and provide sufficient resources needed to enhance the quality of life of each individual served through and by the program. 

  • Goals

  1. To assist with the development of positive self-esteem in children and adults. 
  2. To provide supportive services to assist parents with raising children with positive self-esteem and good moral character. 
  3. To provide activities which promote self-love and respect for others. 
  4. To provide and/or link parents and children to supportive services designed to meet their basic needs. 
  5. To partner with other organizations who share the common goal of individual, family and community well-being and safety. 

  • Objectives

  1. To provide behavioral health services to children and their family members as needed and desired in the form of individual, parent/child, couples and family counseling.
  2. To make available to all families served service coordination to link them to needed services, such as housing, career enhancement, and financial assistance. 
  3. To establish partnerships with local schools, faith organizations, local police departments, juvenile services, organizations and businesses to facilitate and support the well-being and safety of children and their families.

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