Our Services

Behavioral Health Services

    Counseling - for individuals, couples, families and groups  to address: 

Stress * Anxiety * Depression * Low Self-Esteem * Relationship Conflicts * Marital Conflicts * Family Conflicts * Parenting* Separation/Loss * Divorce * Death/ Bereavement * Spirituality *Identity Issues * Alternative Lifestyle * Cultural transitions * Economic Crises  * 

Trauma-Informed Counseling - to address:  Sexual Abuse * Intimate Partner Violence * Assault * Robberies * Witnessing Violence or Disasters * Traumatic Losses  

Psycho-educational Services - for abuser intervention and anger management 

Special Therapeutic Groups - for grief, domestic violence, etc.

Service Coordination

       Basic Needs - help with obtaining food, shelter, clothing 

       Financial Assistance - help with finding              sources for eviction assistance and cut-off       notices and temporary cash assistance 

           Career Development - referrals to programs for those seeking employable skills

Employee Assistance

       Employee Assistance - workplace adjustment for employees  

       Crisis Response Services - to address death of    employees, disasters, robberies, downsizing 

       Workshops for Management and Staff - team     building, addressing productivity issues, etc.