Our Expertise and Staff


Meet the Executive Director

Patricia L. Thompson, MA, MSW, LCSW-C has been a social work practitioner for 45 years, and serves as the Executive Director for Generations Family Services, Inc. She received her BA degree from Morgan State University, a Master's in social work from the University of Maryland School of Social Work, followed by a post-master's certificate in Social Administration in 1984. Ms. Thompson spent most of her professional career in the field of pediatric social work. She was employed at the Kennedy-Kreiger Institute for 10 years, the University of Maryland at Baltimore for 10 years, and Family and Children's Services  of Central Maryland, Inc. for 15 years.  

During her 15 years tenure at Family and Children's Services of Central Maryland, Ms. Thompson climbed to the rank of Assistant Executive Director. She was responsible for the oversight of multiple jurisdictions, program development, grant writing and budgeting. One of her major accomplishments with the agency was securing over a million dollar grant through the Success By Six initiative, funded by the Robert Woods Johnson Foundation and United Way, forging a working relationship with the agency and the Druid Hill, Reservoir Hill and Upton communities. The initiative, which was known as DRU, was designed to support families with helping their children to be ready to learn by the age of six.  

In addition to her concern and love for children and families, Ms. Thompson has always been concerned about women's issues. As an Assistant Executive Director at Family and Children's Services, she held responsibilities for providing oversight to the Domestic Violence and Sexual Abuse Programs in Baltimore City, Baltimore, Harford and Anne Arundel Counties. She practices from a trauma-informed perspective and has received training in TIR (Trauma Incident Reduction). She developed a passion for these issues and has dedicated part of her professional and ministry work to trying to bring attention to these issues with the goal of bringing healing to victims of these insidious crimes. 

Another successful grant writing accomplishment was being awarded a grant, by the Governor's Office on Crime Control and Prevention, during her tenure as Executive Director of the Renaissance Center of Morning Star Baptist Church, in Baltimore County. This grant made it possible to provide outreach to the faith community regarding victims' rights under Maryland Law and the resources available to them.  

Ms. Thompson has also provided individual, couples and family counseling through her private practice for 40 years. However, overtime, she began to realize that many of the clients she served were having spiritual issues so she decided to seek a master's degree in Church Ministries from the St. Mary's Seminary Ecumenical Institute in Baltimore and received her degree in 2007. The marriage of traditional and pastoral counseling has added a dimension to her work with others that has proven to be invaluable and continues to aid in her work in both the secular and faith communities. She has, also, served on the Pastoral Counseling Ministry of the New Psalmist Baptist Church, located in Baltimore, Maryland.

Our Staff

Staffing at Generations Family Services, Inc. consists of experienced licensed certified social workers and professional counselors. The agency will also serve as a training site for bachelor and master degree students in the field of social work and graduate students seeking clinical supervision to become licensed practitioners in Maryland.

Helen Pitts, LCSW-C

Mrs. Pitts came to GFS with years of experience working with individuals around issues of depression, anxiety, physical disabilities, alcohol abuse, relationship issues, separation and divorce, grief counseling, trauma, anger management, LGBTQ, and work-related problems.  The population served includes adolescents through the aged population.  In addition, she has acquired years of experience working with persons in law enforcement where she specialized in Employee Assistance Programs. 

She is a graduate from the University of Maryland School of Social Work where she received her MSW.   She also received a Certificate in Gerontology from the University of Maryland, College Park. She is a member of the National Association of Social Worker and a Maryland board certified licensed clinical Social worker (LCSW-C). 

Her practice style is very eclectic, and her favorite treatment modality is Cognitive Behavior Therapy. This technique is so helpful in changing those negative thoughts to something positive, thus helping her clients with making better decisions and assist them with solving problems more effectively. 

Mrs. Pitts currently works part-time on Thursdays from 1-7 pm.  The work begins during the initial session. Her  goal is to form a trusting relationship with her clients.  She is a great listener, who takes the journey with you towards a path of healing, good health, and well-being.

Christina M. Blackwell, M.A. in Professional Counseling 
Christina M. Blackwell was born and raised

Christina M. Blackwell, M.A. in Professional Counseling

Christina M. Blackwell was born and raised in Baltimore, Maryland. In 2009, she started her professional career in banking, where she currently provides financial counseling and education to her clients. In 2010, Christina received her Bachelor of Science degree with honors in Applied Psychology and minored in Psychological Services. In 2015, Christina continued to pursue her passion for providing clinical counseling to diverse populations, by enrolling at Liberty University in Lynchburg, Virginia. She graduated with a master’s degree in Professional Counseling in December 2018. Christina intends to become a licensed professional counselor in Maryland and have her own private practice. She will specialize in Trauma and Crisis counseling. Christina has joined the staff at Generations Family Services, Inc. located in Baltimore, Maryland. 

In terms of memberships and affiliations, Christina was inducted into Psi Chi -The National Honor Society in Psychology in April 2008. She is currently a member of the Maryland Counseling Association located in Largo, Maryland. She is also a member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. and an active member of the House of Refuge International Church, Inc. 

Christina has a passion for people and works with diverse populations to help meet their needs. She feels that her purpose is being fulfilled working in the counseling field. Christina looks forward to making a positive impact on the lives of others.

Kimberly Glenn, MSW - Therapist

Kimberly Glenn, MSW - Therapist


Kimberly Glenn is a graduate of Morgan State University where she completed a Master’s degree social work (MSW) with a concentration in Urban Children and Families. Kimberly Glenn learned in early adult-hood that in order to engage her “inner helper” she would have to pursue an MSW, so that she would have a professional platform to walk with individuals regardless of sex, creed, culture, sexual orientation, or faith base to assist them with various issues or barriers they wanted to overcome. One of things that keeps Kimberly motivated and wanting to make a difference is that she always wanted to work and collaborate with disenfranchised individuals in urban environments to give them a voice, a way of expressing themselves and to support them with coping in a healthy manner.


Kimberly has experience in working as a case manager for Medicaid for individuals with long-term care issues.  She has also worked with individuals with persistent mental health issues, substance abuse issues and chronic homelessness.  In addition, as a Program Director she managed multiple group homes for individuals with special needs. 

Kimberly came to Generations Family Services to work with children to empower them, build self-esteem, help them break generational curses, and be a reminder that they are not a product of their environment. She has had the pleasure of interning with Operation Safe Streets and Baltimore Health Department working with children who had 3 or more felonies before their 13th birthday. She was also a Program Manager for a faith-based company that helped find foster or adoptive homes for children that were neglected or abused.  She also worked for 3 years at an all-male group home where she was a supervisor in charge of disciplinary actions.

Not only does Kimberly understand the value of resiliency, but she is resourceful and compassionate about the work she does.